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Why Everyone Should Consider Getting A House Call

Why Everyone Should Consider Getting A House Call

We encounter many people reminiscing the “good old days” when it was normal for doctors to make house calls with their black medical bags. It was convenient and comfortable, and it helped you build a great relationship with your primary healthcare provider. When I created my House Calls company last year, I designed the service around my following beliefs about what House Calls should be like.

House Calls Means Less Waiting

Someone once described his experience visiting the doctor as “waiting in a big room surrounded by people to waiting in a small room by myself…Why did I leave work early to waste my time sitting here doing nothing?” One of the best things about offering House Calls is that there is no uncomfortable waiting room. The less time my patients spend in the waiting room, the more time they can spend doing more important things, like finishing that project or spending time with the family.

House Calls Are More Comfortable and Confidential

I have always disliked going to the clinic. The chairs are uncomfortable, the rooms are small, the walls are thin (so I was always worried about speaking louder than a whisper). I found that I would be repeating myself to each staff member because everyone would ask what I was visiting for. By the end of the visit, I was sure everyone in the clinic (patients included) knew what was going on with my health. House Calls provide a comfortable experience because the visit is done in your own space. You aren’t being rushed from room-to-room or shuffled among staff members. When your provider visits with you, you receive undivided attention and care. This is ideal for most people, especially those with anxiety and/or dementia.

House Calls Are Family-Friendly

When I worked at a clinic, I always felt bad for the parents trying to juggle their sick child while making sure the other children don’t break anything expensive or hurt themselves with something sharp. I’m thrilled to say that House Calls have been revolutionary for these families, as the kids can play in their safe and familiar environments and take turns getting assessed.

House Calls Offers Longer Appointments

My shortest appointment time offered is 30 minutes and the average visit with my patients last about 60 minutes. Compare this to the average 10-15 minute wait times in the traditional medical clinic. The unrushed visit means that my clients have the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about how to stay healthy. I have the time to educate my patients on how to stay healthy and prevent illness.

House Calls Prevents Unnecessary ER Visits

Many people have a hard time traveling to the medical clinic and, therefore, postpone seeing a health care provider until it’s too late and the symptoms are not manageable (like that stomach ache you’ve ignored for a while and is now so painful, you can’t stand up)…which is when they end up in the emergency room. By accessing a convenient service early in the disease process, we can get you on the right treatments in a timely manner to help you avoid the visit to the emergency room. Our providers also provide consultations in the evening, which can guide your decision to go to the ER or receive a home visit.

Please note, I am NOT an emergency service. If you have a serious health concern (like a heart attack, stroke, or inability to breathe), you should still call 9-1-1 and/or proceed to the ER.

House Calls Save Our Government Money

House calls are proven to reduce the need for long-term institutionalization, hospitalization, and readmissions to the hospital for seniors and people with chronic illness (Harrison, 2016).The American government has been offering House Calls programs around the country to help SAVE government money. During the first year of this program, it saved Medicare more than $25 million!

If you are interested in learning more, please email us at or call us at 403-973-3188.

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