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Calgary's Mobile Medical Clinic
About Us
Calgary's Mobile Medical Clinic

Ask anyone, it’s hard to find a house call doctor nowadays. That’s why Direct Health Solutions is committed to provide medical house calls. At the moment, our services are offered in and around Calgary, AB, but stay tuned, we have plans to expand across Alberta.

Our Vision

A community where health is not compromised by lack of accessibility to medical services.

Our Mission

Our mission is to increase accessibility to primary health care for all through medical house calls.

Our Values

Innovation – We will continue to adapt our services to the needs of our clients to provide the best care possible.

Collaboration – It takes a team to achieve great health; we are committed to working with you and other health care providers to optimize your health.

Integrity – We adhere to the highest standards of professionalism, ethics, and personal responsibility.

Compassion – We seek to understand our clients’ circumstances without judgement to learn how to work with them best.

The Founder

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My name is Jessica Tsang and I am a Family Nurse Practitioner. I completed my Bachelor of Nursing at University of Calgary in 2007 and began my nursing career as an Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Nurse. Wanting to expand my skill set, I also gained experience working in urgent care, community mental health, addictions and substance use counselling, occupational health and safety, and home care. I have been on the management team for a home care company as well as an assisted living site, which has provided me with different perspectives of the health care system.

On a pursuit to expand my career in order to fill the gaps in the health care system, I completed my Master of Nursing with a post-graduate Nurse Practitioner diploma in 2016 and started my private mobile family practice in 2017.

When I am not making House Calls or developing the business, you can find me teaching Nursing students for Mount Royal University. The year, 2018, marks my seventh year as a post-secondary faculty member and I have loved every minute of being an educator!

Recent Achievements:

  • Became the first NP led clinic to become Alberta Health’s Community Partner in the Influenza Program (2017)
  • Knee Injection Certificate from the Glen Sather Sports Medicine Clinic (2017)
  • Non Spinal Injection Course for Pain Management from Empire Medical Training in NYC (2017)
  • Office Gynecological Training for Family Physicians (for IUD insertions and management) from University of Calgary (2017)
  • Wise Leadership from The Eden Alternative (2017)
  • Assistant Business Coach Academy from Dale Carnegie Training (2015)

My Story

Direct Health Solutions

When I was working in Urgent Care, I cared for a frail elderly woman after she slipped on the ice. After the x-ray proved that she did not break any bones, she was discharged home…but I felt unsettled doing so because she was barely able to walk despite using a walker and she was severely underweight. I asked her how she got her groceries and she informed me that because of the winter, she was not able to leave her home. She had no family in the city and was rationing crackers from her pantry until the snow melted. She fell that day as she left the house to get into a taxi to go to her doctor’s office.

Throughout my career, there have been particular stories that have affected my view of our community and the need for change in our healthcare system. People with mobility problems, chronic conditions, and/or dementia living in the community are the most challenged to receive appropriate medical attention. Individuals who don’t fit into the “normal” mould of society due to lifestyle choices, life situations, or mental illness often feel ostracized and judged when they visit healthcare providers and, therefore, tend to avoid them. Without reliable and consistent health care,  people are more vulnerable to disease and health complications.

My goal is to reach out to vulnerable populations and ensure they receive the care they need. I became a family practitioner to offer people a choice in the type of care they receive. The choice of comfortable and convenient care that is tailored towards your unique needs. I guarantee you health care that is respectful, unrushed, and holistic.

My Approach To Your Health

Choose A Nurse Practitioner As Your Partner In Health

Some providers are focused on the disease or immediate illness rather than the person. Their goal is to fix the problem rather than uncover the cause or how to prevent the problem from happening again.

My approach to you and your family’s health is focused around health maintenance and disease prevention. As I often say, rather than focusing on putting out fires, I help my clients find the origin of the flames to control the fire and prevent further (if any) damage.

The best way to help people optimize their health is to assess the person as a whole – What are your barrier(s) to health? What are your strengths to achieve great health? How can we work together to get you to your health goals? Many of my clients work with holistic and traditional health providers and strive to create a team approach in order to optimize your health in a way that is safe and compatible with your goals. I pledge to utilize a nonjudgmental and respectful approach to your lifestyle, beliefs, and values.

My goal as your family practitioner is to become your partner in health, your advocate in the systemand your cheerleader when you get to where you want to be.

Public Speaking

Jessica Tsang Public Speaking

When I was 17, I was determined to overcome my fear of public speaking, so I volunteered for the Canadian Mental Health Association as a public speaker. I realized the way to overcome my fear was to express my passion. I had the opportunity to speak at several schools around Calgary regarding Stress, Depression, and Suicide awareness. I continued on to volunteer at another organization to talk about safe sex and prevention of HIV. That is how I found my passion towards empowering others to take control of their health through public speaking.

Recent Presentations

  • Caring For The Caregiver: Preventing Burnout at The Health Show Calgary (2018)
  • Sexual Health De-Bunked (2017)
  • Dementia Care (2017)
  • Aging in Place: Taking Control of Your Health at Confederation Park 55+ Activity Centre (2017)
  • Fuelling Their Passion for Learning at the BC Lab Educators Conference (2016)
  • Independent Living at the Geriatrics Services Conference (2015)

Upcoming Presentations

  • Caring for the Caregiver at The “Caring for your Aging Parents” speakers series
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