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Calgary's Mobile Medical Clinic

Medical Home Care Services In Calgary & Area

House Calls 7 Days A Week

What is Medical Home Care?

Direct Health Solutions is a mobile family practice clinic offering medical home care, such as Doctor Home Visit and Nurse Home Visit services in Calgary and surrounding areas. All the services of your local medical clinic in the convenience of your home or office. Furthermore, we offer mobile lab collection service to help save you more time! Above all, as a private clinic, we go over and above to make sure you and your loved ones are well cared for.

Medical house calls, also known as medical home care, aren’t just for your home. We go to your home, office, or hotel room if you are travelling.

Who Uses Medical Home Care?

Our clients say they love our mobile medical services because:

  • they enjoy our same-day and short-notice appointments.
  • the experience is more comfortable than traditional medical settings.
  • our services are cheaper and more practical than calling the ambulance for non-emergencies.
  • they get to avoid waiting rooms.
  • they like our patient- and family-centered approach to care.
  • our appointments are never rushed and are scheduled for 30 minutes (or more, if requested).
  • they appreciate the confidentiality of our private services.
  • our services are cheaper and more convenient than arranging for transportation and accompaniment to the traditional clinic.

Our Medical Home Care Services


We can provide you with an appointment within 24 hours of you contacting us.

Please note, we are not an emergency service. If you have a life-threatening or limb-threatening concern, please call 9-1-1 or proceed directly to your nearest emergency room.

Examples of our urgent care include:

• Pain management.

• Urinary tract infection diagnosis and treatment.

• Wound care/sutures.

• Dehydration.

• Sprains.

• Concussion care.


Most home care companies in Alberta provide non-medical home care services. Direct Health Solutions is the only medical home care provider providing medical house calls to seniors and their families.

Chronic Disease Management: Medication review and prescription renewals. We also provide education and counselling to prevent progression of disease and complications.

Pain Management: From prescriptions to joint injections, we counsel you and your loved ones on the various options for pain management.

Please note: We do not prescribe narcotics or other controlled substances to new or unfamiliar clients.

Vaccinations: We are an Alberta Health authorized vaccine provider. We provide the annual flu vaccine, tetanus booster, and pneumococcal vaccine, etc…

Wound Management: We treat new skin tears or lacerations, chronic wounds (such as ulcers), and infected wounds.

Skin Health: Assessment and treatment for skin tags, warts, growths. We perform skin biopsies if there are unusual or concerning growths.

Ear Health: Ear wax removal and treatment for ear infections.

Dementia: Prevention and delaying the progression. We can help with diagnosis and provide treatment options. We also provide support for the individual and family.

Capacity Assessments: Coming soon in 2018!


Our medical home care services include laboratory services in the convenience of your home or office. No need to wait in line!

Our labs get processed through Calgary Lab Services. We also have access to private lab services for tests that are not publicly funded (like Vitamin D). We also offer convenient options to review your lab results with you.

We only use butterfly needles, which is significantly smaller and more comfortable than the standard lab needles.

If there is more than one person requiring blood work, we offer blood work for two people at a discounted rate!


Pregnancy: Confirmation of pregnancy via urine, blood work, and/or ultrasound. We can provide care during pregnancy and after pregnancy. We also provide follow up and treatment for postpartum depression

Breast Health: Breast exams and referrals for mammograms/ultrasounds.

Gynecological Health: Comfortable gynecological exams and cervical cancer screening/pap smears. 

Contraception: Contraception counselling and prescriptions for the right contraception for you. We are also certified to insert and remove IUDs. 

Menopause: We provide counselling and treatment options regarding menopause.

Sexual Health: We provide confidential and nonjudgmental STI assessment/treatment. 

*We are a sex-positive clinic.


We are certified providers for:

• trigger point injections for tight muscles,

• joint injections with steroid medication,

• prolotherapy

• treatment for trigger fingers.

Referral Letters for Extended Health Benefits

• If you need a referral for massage therapy, physiotherapy, chiropractic service, etc… we can provide you the referral letter at your convenience.

Please note: We do not provide prescriptions for narcotics or other controlled drugs to new or unfamiliar clients.


Well Child

• Growth and development assessments.

• Health education and support for the parent.

Sick Child

• Assessment and diagnosis of acute illness in the comfort of your own home.

• We provide rapid strep tests to support immediate treatment of the infection.

• On-site wound care, including sutures.

• Assessment and numerous treatment options for plantar warts.


• We are an Alberta Health authorized flu vaccine and tetanus booster provider.

• Routine childhood vaccinations are still required through Public Health.

And more!


New Wounds

• Cleaning and suturing of lacerations.

• Monitoring and treatment for infection.

• Dressing changes.

Chronic Wounds

• Assessment and treatment for chronic wounds, including ulcers.

• Referral to wound care clinic for complex wounds.

• Monitoring and treatment for infection.

*Dressing supplies can be provided at-cost.


Travel Vaccines

• We provide consultation, prescription, and administration of travel vaccines.

Public Health Vaccines

• We are an Alberta Health authorized flu vaccine, tetanus booster, and pneumococcal provider.

• Routine childhood vaccinations are still required through Public Health.

Workplace Wellness Clinics

• We offer the most competitive providing for a flu shot clinic or a travel vaccine clinic in your office. Although we are confident in our prices, if you receive a lower quote, we can guarantee to beat it!


Our experienced prescribers will review your medications with you and ensure you are on the right medications and the right doses. As you age and your health changes, it is important to have a prescriber review your medication with you to make sure they are still necessary. Over prescribing can increase your risk of falls, confusion, and other side effect.

If you have a primary healthcare provider (like a family physician), we will respectfully only recommend medication adjustments, as it can be unsafe to have multiple prescribers adjusting your prescriptions.

Medication Administration

Our experienced nurses can help you with medication administration through any route, including IV.

*IV supplies can be provided at-cost.


We offer counselling, advocacy, medication management and treatment for various mental health conditions.

We are certified providers of:

• Smoking cessation

• Motivational Interviewing

We have experience working with conditions including  Depression,  Anxiety,   Schizophrenia, Borderline personality disorder,  Addiction, and PTSD.

Interested in medical home care but don’t see what you want? Just Ask! We’ll see what we can do.

Cost of Medical Home Care

Medical House Call
/ 30 min visit*
For the services of a Family Practitioner, such as medical assessment, diagnosis, treatment, prescriptions, and referral letters.
Add-On Services
Extend your visit by 15 minutes.

Required for initial visits, gynaecological exams, sutures, and visits outside of city limits. Have us draw blood work while we’re there!

*Please note that additional fees may apply for specific supplies, add-on services, extended visits, and visits outside of Calgary city limits.

Although our services are not covered by provincial health care, they may be covered by your extended health benefits. Our services are also eligible for medical expense tax credits. Contact Us to find out more information!

*All services are provided by Family Nurse Practitioners and are not covered by Provincial Health Care

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